Contoh Soal SBMPTN Bahasa Inggris 1

Selamat malam.. Malam ini saya akan share beberapa soal Bahasa Inggris untuk para pembaca sekalian yang akan menempuh ujian SBMPTN. Kiranya beberapa soal di bawah ini dapat bermanfaat untuk kalian semuanya :)) Good Luck!

Gunakan PETUNJUK A untuk menjawab soal nomor 1 – 15!
Bacalah teks berikut untuk menjawab soal nomor 1 sampai dengan 5.

            Physalia is half-boat, half building, and all green this mamonth aluminium concept by Belgian achitect Vincent Callebaut is meant to travel Europe’s rivers, making filthy water drinkable. At the same time, the ship generates more energy then it uses.

A coat of tintanium dioxide paint brushed onto the silvery Shell will neutralize pollution by absorbing ultraviolet eye Enabling a chemical reaction that decampose organic and  Inorganic toxins. It is the same technology used in certain High-tech concrete that breaks down airborne particulates  As the vesel whips along, purifying waterways, it can  draw on both solar and hydro power. Turbines under the  hull transfrom water movement into electtricity, and rooftop Photovoltaic cells harness energy from the sun. the roof Doubles as a nursery, whose carefully selected plants Help filter river gunk, whether from the thames, rhine of Euphrates

            But Physalia is not just designed to be a working  Ship. The vessel will also be a floating museum of sorts. Scientists who study aquatic ecosystems can hole up in  The dedicated "earth garden"  lab, and tourist can visit Temporary exhibits in a "water garden" or settle into a Submerged lounge that could easily pass for a London Nightclub. Callebbaut, 33, dreamed up the idea after last  year's United Nations Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen shone a long-overdue  spotlight on global Waters issues. He has some superior  terms for his project: It is a "nomadic hydrodynamie laboratory," a "fragment Of living earth," and a "floating agora" on a "geopolitical Scale," others might just call it a cool idea.

1. It is clear from the passage that the author of the Passage above attempts to…
            a. Explain adavances in green technology.
            b. Describe a green experiment in a ship.
            c. Show the multi-functions of Physalia.
            d. Give details of an experimental ship.
            e. Expose Physalia's  eco-friendliness
2. Compared to paragraph 2, paragraph 3 provides…
            a. Complete information about the function of Physalia.
            b. Additional descriptions of the excellence of Physalia.
            c. Detailed explanations on the superiority of physalia
            d. Supplementary ideas of the greenness of Physalia.
            e. Further descriptions of Phisalia as a laboratory
3. What does the word "it" in 'others might just call it a coll idea'  (paragraph 3, last line) refer to?
            a. Laboratory
            b. Project
            c. Agora
            d. Scale
            e. Idea
4. Which of the following is matching with the idea of the size of Physalia?
a. A football court
b. A tall building
c. A wide ocean
d. A mountain
e. A nightclub

Bacalah teks berikut untuk menjawab soal nomor 6 sampai dengan nomor 10!

            Everyone likes to group things. Language students Group words as verbs, noun and so on; collections of  Word are classifed as phrases, or clauses, or sentence and these again are reclassified according to their function. In the same way. botanists classify plants as lagae, or fungi, or gymnosperms, ctC. Zoologists  classify animals as vertebrates and invertebrates. The vertebrates can be further classifIed as mammals, reptiles, birds, fish, etc. Classification enables us to keep hold of more information to undcrsLand and, if it  is based on the right data, enables US to understand better the ideas we are  studying.

Chemists are no exception. The chemical classification Of materials, if   is based on a good system, shoUld enable US to understand better the many substances which exist in our  world. What is to be the basis our classification? Perhaps the most obvious one is appearance. Materials could be classified as solid, liquid or gas with some mixed types as, for example, mud being solid/liquid material and steam as liquid/gas material. Appearance could enable us to subdivide our main classification groups a little further; the solid may be green, or black, powdery or crystalline; the liquid may be colored, oily, thick, or free flowing; the gas may be colored. however, we soon realize that many probably quite different materials have the same appearance. Both air and the deadly carbon-monoxide of gas are colorless, odorless gases, but we Would not like to group them as the same thing. Many different liquids are of colorless, water-like materials.

6. The examples provided in Paragraph 2 clarify that ...
A. many kinds of liquid should be grouped as one.
B. different kinds of gas can  be  and odorless
C. materials in chemistry should be classified differently
d. Chemistry materials have more complicated classification.
e. Taxonomy can be made and applied further to other areas.
7. Paragraph 2 exemplifies the idea about classification That …
            a.  chemicals may be solid, liquid, and gaseous.
            b. Appearance is not a useful basis in chemistry.
            c. The use of colors is better than that of appearance.
            d. Both colors and apparance should be considered.
            e. Colors should be included for identifying appearance.
8. The sentence "chemists are no exception" (paragraph 2 line 1) could possibly be restated as …
            a. Chemicial materials can also be put into classification.
            b. Classification of chemicial materials is without exception.
            c. Chemists may also classify materials using certain enteria.
            d. When appearance is the basic, chemists are not involed.
            e. In material classification, chemicals should not be included.

9. The paragraph following the passage most Iikely deals with the classification of...
A. flora and fauna.
B. human sounds.
C. hiquids and gases.
D. human behaviors.
E. words and phrases.

10 how does the author organize the ideas?
A. Putting the main idea with examples.
B. presenting causes followed by effects.
C. Interpreting different ways of classifying.
D. Presenting the strengths of the main idea.
E. Exposing supporting details chronologically

Bacalah kedua teks berikut untuk menjawab soal nomor 11 – 15 !             
     Passage A

            It is a standard practice in a hospital setting. Particularly Among western cultures. To separate mothers and their  Newborns. Separation is also common for babies under Medicial distress or premature babies, who may be placed  in an incubator.

            Humans are the only mammals who practice such Meaternal-neonate separation, but its physiological impact On the baby has been unknown until now. Researchers Meansured heart rate variability in 2-day-old sleeping Babies for one hour each during skin-to-skin contact with Mother and alone in a cot next to mother's bed. Neonatal Autonomic activity was 176% heigher and quit sleep 86% Lower during maternal separation compared to skin-to-skin Contact.

            Dr. John Krystal, editor of biological psychiantary. Commanted on the study's findings; "maternal separation Suggest  that it is major physiologic stressor for the infant," Thus, as futher evidence emerges, the challenge to doctors Will be to incoporate skin-to-skin contact into routine Treatment whilst still safely providing the other elements of Newborn medical care.

Passage B
            In a study of 29 father-infant pairs, full-term healthy Newborns born by planned cesarean section were Randomized to be placed either skin-to-skin on their father's Chest or beside their father in a crib. The infants in the skin- To-skin group stopped crying and were calmer compared To infants in the crip group. A father should therefore be Regarded as the primary caregiver for the baby when a Mother is not avaible immediately following a birth.

            Early skin-to-skin contact between a mother and her Baby may need to be limited for practical and medical Safety reasons. "after births complications, mothers Are often not avaible to their habies for contact;" says Principal author kerstin earlandsson. The study shows that A father can soothe his newborn as affectively as a mother, And more effectively than if the baby is placed in a crib During the first two hours after birth.

            11. Which of the following themes is mainly discussed in both passages?
            a. Caseran childbirth
            b. Skin-to-skin contact
            c. Hospital traditions
            d. Healthy newborns
            e. Premature babies
            12. Wich of the following statements are true according To both passages?
            a. Hospitals disapprove the practice of neonatal Skin-to-skin contact.
            b. New borns are calmer when placed skin-to-skin With their parents
            c. Only mothers can be primary caregivers for newborn babies
            d. Fathers can actually soothe infants better than mothers.
            e. Being separated from mothers make babies sleep Well
            13. Passage A differs from Passage B in that passage A …
            a. Compares natural childbirth infants with cesarean Section infants.
            b. Does not provide valid study on the effect of skin- To-skin contact.
            c. Focuses on the impact of maternal separation on Infant contact
            d. Only slightly mentions fathers' roles in talking care Of babies
            e. Promotes the use of incubators or cribs for newborn babies.
14. Wich of the following statements is the best summary Of both passages?
a. Doctors and reserchers agree that maternal Separation is bad
b. Mothers and fathers have to avoid putting infants in hospitals.
c. After childbirth, fathers must replace mothers as caregivers.
d. Babies are happy when sleeping in a crib next to parents.
e. Parental skin-toskin contact is important for newborns.

15. It can be hypothesized that in the future ..
a. Premature infants will no longer be separated from their cribs
b. Doctors may quest fathers to be ready for skin-to-skin contact.
c. Many pregnant women will ask for planned cesarean section.
d. The use of neonatal incubators in hospitals will increase.
e. The number of stressed newborns will rise significantely.

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