17 Soal dan Pembahasan Bahasa Inggris USM STAN

Question no. 01- 15 Choose The Best answer based on the following readings.


Sequoyah was a young Cherokee Indian, son of white trader and an Indian squaw. At an early age, he became fascinated by " the talking leaf", an expression that he used to describe the write man's written records. Although many believe this " talking leaf " to be a gift from the Great Sirit, Sequoyah refused to accept that theory. Like other Indians of the period, he was Illiterate, but his determination to remedy the situation led to the invention of the unique eighty six character alphabet based on the sound patterns that he heard. 

His family and friends thought he mad, but while recupeating from a hunting accindent, he deligently and ndependently set out to create a from of communication for his own people and other Indians. In 1821, after twelve years of work, he had succesfullly developed a writen language that would enable thousands of Indians to read and write,

Sequoyah's desire to preserve words and events for later generations has caused him to be remembered among the important inventors. The giant rewood trees of California, called " sequoias" in hs honor, will further imprint his name in history.

01. What is the most importtant rwason that Sequoyah will be remembered?

A. California redwoods were named in his honor
B. He was illiterate
C. He created a unique alphabet
D. He recovered form his madness and helped humankind

02. How did Sequoyah's family react to his idea of developing his own " talking leaf " ?

A. They arraged for his hunting accident
B. They thought he was crazy
C. They decided to help him
D. They asked him to teach them to read and write

03. What prompted Sequoyah to develop his alphabet?

A. People were writing things about him that he couldn't read
B. He wanted to become famous
C. After his huting accindent, he needed something to keep him busy
D. He wanted the history of his people preserved for future generations

04. it is implied that Sequoyah called the written records " the talking leaf " because ..

A. They Played Music
B. When he observed white people reading, they seerned to understand what was written.
C. He was going ad, and he thought the leaves were talking to him
D. It was the only way that the Great Spirit had of communicating  with them.

05. Sequoyah could best be described as..

A. determined
B. mad
C. backwards
D. meek

06. What is the best title for passage? 

A. Sequoyah's Determination to preserve the Cherokee Language
B. The origin of the cherokee language
C. Sequoyah's madness leads to a new laguage
D. The origin of the " sequoia" trees in California

07. All of the following are true EXCEPT

A. Sequoyah developed a form of writting with the help of cherokee tribe
B. Sequoyah was a very observant young man
C. Sequoyah spent twelve years developing his alphabet
D. Sequoyah was honore by having some treees named after him

Question no 08-18 Choose one word or phrase that best completes the sentences

08. While attempting to reach his home before the strom..

A. The bycicle of John broke down
B. It happened that John's bike broke down
C. The strom caught John
D. John had an accident on his bycicle

09. George would certainly have attended the proceedings ..

A. if he didn't get a flat tire
B. if the flat tire hadn't happened
C. had he not had a flat tire
D.  had the tire not flattened itself

10. The director of this organization must know..

A. money management, selling, and able to satisfy the stockholders
B. how to manage money, selling his product, and be able to satisfy the stockholders
C. how to manage money, sell his product, and satisfy the stockholders
D. money management, selling, the idea of being able to satisfy the stockholders

11. The skiers would rather... through the mountains than go by bus

A. to travel on train
B. traveled by train
C. travel by train
D. Traveling by train

12. Pioneer men and women endured terrible hardships, and...

A. So do their children
B. neither did the children
C. Also the childs
D. So did their children

13. The teacher siggested that her students... experiences with ESP

A. write a composition on their
B. to write composition about the
C. wrote some compositions of his or her
D. had written any compositions for his

14. Of the two new teachers, one is experienced and..

A. the others are not
B. another is inexperienced
C. the other is not
D. other lacks experience

15. ..... did Arthur realize that there was danger

A. Upon entering the stor
B. When he entered the store
C. After he had entered the store
D. Only after entering the store

16. The more she worked,...

A. the less she achieved
B. She achieved not enough
C. She did not achieve enough
D. She was achieving less

17. He entered a univercity...

A.  when he had sixteen years
B. when sixteen years were his age
C. at the age of sixteen
D. at age sixteen years old

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