23 Soal Bahasa Inggrs Halaman 336 dan Beserta Jawabannya

Veins are responsible for transporting blood from the body back to the heart where it is loaded with oxygen in the lungs before being distributed to the rest of the body again. Veins on the legs have the toughest job because they must push the blood against the force of gravity and the pressure of body weight in an upstream motion. To assist in this task, veins have one-way valves that prevent the blood from flowing backward. When there are problems with the valves, it causes blood to stay in the leg and cause the vein to swell.

There are two kinds of enlarged veins: varicose veins and spider veins. Varicose veins are dark blue or purplish in color and they bluge above the skin’s surface. Spider veins are much smaller and they look like red or blu spider webs which lie close to the surface of the skin. Forty-five-year0old Sarah developed varicose veins on her thighs many years ago, after giving birth to her third child. Initially, she ignored it, thinking that it was nothing more than an aesthetic hindrance, shortly after, Sarah experienced cramps, especially at night and both legs were constantly aching, tired and swollen. She also felt conscious of its appearance whenever she wears a skirt to work.

Varicose veins are common among the general population-35% of women and 20% of men over 20 years old are diagnosed with this condition. Factors that increase the risk of developing varicose veins, include prolonged sitting or standing, multiple pregnancies, family history of varicose veins, obesity and wearing of high heels or tight garments. To prevent the development of varicose veins, one should exercise regulary to keep the blood flowing. Women should also avoid wearing high heelas shoes (not more 3-4 cm high) and tight clothing that wraps around the legs.

To alleviate the discomfort, people with varicose veins can try raising both legs above their chest to facilitate the bloo flow or wearing compression stockings. Clinical treatments for varicose veins are also available to improve the cosmetic appearance and reduce the aching, swelling, and other serious problems such as blood clost and ulcers. In the varicose veins on her legs. However, this is an invasive procedure which requires an anesthesia and hospitalization.

1.      What is the text mainly about?

A.    Types of veins
B.     Functions of veins
C.     Varicose veins
D.    Kinds of enlarged veins
E.     Spider veins

Jawaban: C

2.      This text is most probably found in a/ an…

A.    Medical textbook
B.     Newspaper editorial
C.     Sports magazine
D.    Health report
E.     Health magazine

Jawaban: E

3.      Which of the following is NOT included in the causes of varicose veins?

A.    Delivering a baby
B.     Constant aching of both legs
C.     Wearing high heels shoes
D.    Sitting or standing for hours
E.     Hereditary

Jawaban: B

4.      “an aesthetic hindrance” (paragraph 2) means…

A.    a restriction to keep one’s health
B.     an obstruction to become beautiful
C.     a difficulty to overcome the disease
D.    a constraint to the beauty of the skin
E.     an obstacle to move freely

Jawaban: D

5.      According to the text, a surgery is most needed for a patient with varicose veins when…

A.    The patient’s legs are constantly aching and swollen
B.     The patient has problems after delivering a baby
C.     The patient’s exercise keeps the blood flowing
D.    The patient wants to improve his/ her appearance
E.     The patient has already suffered for a long time

Jawaban: A
(1)_____________________________(2) psychologists call this “math anxiety”. (3) teachers used to think that this happened because the students were not very good at math. (4) Anxiety is an uncomfortable feeling of nervousness or worry about something that is happening or might happen in the future. (5) Now, however, researchers think that students who get math anxiety are not necessarily bad at math. (6) There is a very irrelevant reason for their poor performance on math tests. (7) New studies show that their feelings of anxiety prevent their brains from working well. (8) one area of the brain it is especially affected is the working memory, which adds new information in your mind. (9) This type of memory is essential for doing math problems. (10) But why do students get math anxiety in the first place? (11) That is another improtabt question for teachers and researchers education.

6. with which of the following sentences should the text begin?

A.    whenever students have to do a math problem or take a math test, they experience math anxiety
B.     some students who are not very good at math experience an uncomfortable feeling of nervousness
C.     some students become very anxious wherever they have to do a math problem or take a math test
D.    research found the reasons why some students are bond at math while others are not
E.     There is an area in the brain that especially affects a person’s ability at math.

Jawaban: C

7.      The sentence which is irrelevant to text is sentence number

A.              4
B.               5
C.               6
D.              7
E.               8

 Jawaban: C
Text 3
            Up to now confessions that have been obtained from defendants in a hypnotic state have not been admitted into evidence by courts in the U.S. Experts in the field of hypnotic have found that such confessions are not completely realible. Subjects in hypnotic state may confess to crimes they did not commit for one or two reasons. Either they fantasize that they committed the crimes or they believe that other want them to confess. A landmark case concerning a confession obtained under hypnotic went all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court. In the case of Larva v Dinno, a suspect was hypnotized by a psychiatrist for the district attorney; in posthypnotic state the suspect signed three separate confessions to a murder.

8.      What is the topic of the text?

A.    Valid Confession in the US courts
B.     The unreliability of hypnotized confessions
C.     The case of Larva v Dinno in US supreme Court
D.    The reasons why confessions are hypnotized
E.     Psychiatrists’ role in making defendants confess

Jawaban: B

9.      Which of the following statements should best end the text?

A.    The result of hypnoyized confessions might mislead the criminal and the court
B.     To conclude, the confessions were the only evidence against the murder
C.     To summarize, making hypnotized confession is a phenomenon worth considering
D.    Invalid confessions are rejected in the US they are all the result of hypnotism
E.     Thus, hypnoyized confessions could accelerate the truth-finding process in court

Jawaban: A

Text 4
            Studies indicate that the average global surface temperature has increased by approximately 0.5oF – 1.0oF (0,3C – 0.6oC) over the last century. Global warming –a ____(10) increased condition in planet wide temperatures- is now well- documented and accepted by scientists as fact. Average global temperatures may be 1.4oC – 5,8oC (that’s 2.5oF – 10.4oF) by the end of the 21st century. Although the numbers sound small, they can _______(11) significant changes in climate.______(12) resulting in more hot days, many scientists believe an increase in temperatures may lead to changes in precipitation and weather patterns. Warmer ocean water may result in more _____(13) and frequent tropical stroms and hurricanes. Sea levels are also expected____(14) by 0.09 – 0.88 m in the next century, mainly form melting glaciers and expanding sea water. Global warming may also affect wildlife, and species that cannot survive in warmer environments may become ____(15). Human health is also at ____ (16), as global warming may result in the spreading of certain diseases such as malaria. This warming is largely attributed to yhe increase of green house gases (primarily carbon dioxide and methane) in the earth’s tipper atmosphere caused by human burning of fuels, as well as ___(17) activities, at farming, and deforestation.

10.  A. grading
B.     Gradual
C.     Gradually
D.    Graded
E.     Grade

Jawaban: C

11. A. affect
      B. Result
      C. Lead
      D. Trigger
      E. Contribute

            Jawaban: D

12. A. Despite
      B. Besides
      C. For Example
      D. According to
      E. Due to

            Jawaban: A

13. A. Intense
      B. Intensive
      C. Intensified
      D. Intensifying
      E. Intensity

            Jawaban: B

14. A. Improve
      B. Expand
      C. Rise
      D. Grow
      E. Climb

Jawaban: C

15. A. Extended
      B. Extinguished
      C. Modified
      D. Dead
      E. Vanished

            Jawaban: D

16. A. Danger
      B. Threat
      C. Stake
      D. Warning
      E. Hazard

            Jawaban: A

17. A. Industry
      B. Industrial
      C. Industrially
      D. Industrialization
      E. Industrialized

            Jawaban: B

18. “Fred, you should have given the letter form the school Principal to your parents,”
        This means thet fred….

A.    Gave the letter tc his parents
B.     Will give the letter to his parents
C.     Was giving the letter to his parents
D.    Is giving the letter to his parents
E.     Didn’t give the letters to his parents

Jawaban: E

19. My friend got the job as a manager not because of his uncle’s position in the company,….

A.    But because he is very well- qualified for the job
B.     But because of his good qualifications
C.     Also because he is very, well-qualified for the job
D.    But also because of his good qualifications
E.     But also because he is very well - qualified for the job
Jawaban: D

20. “ I met Dr. Sitorus last week.”
      “You mean the man _____ you the letter of recommdendation for your scholarship?”
A.    Give
B.     To give
C.     Giving
D.    Given
E.     To be giving
Jawaban: C
21. “Do you receive cash for your salary?”
      “No, it ____ to my account.”
A.    Transfer
B.     Be Transferred
C.     Are Transferring
D.    Is Transferred
E.     Are Tranferred
Jawaban: D
22. “ Did you tell your parents that you failed in two subjects this?”
      “ Well, of course. I even told them…”
A.    Why I failed
B.     Did I fail
C.     Why did I fail
D.    I failed
E.     Why I failed
Jawaban: A
23. the ex-president passed away before having the chance….. on trial.
A.    Put
B.     To put
C.     Be put
D.    To be put
E.     Being put
Jawaban: D


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