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Numbers 1 to 3 refer to the following passage.

Passage 1

Approximately 74,000 years ago on the island of Sumatra, Indonesia, a volcanic eruption so violent occurred that it proved to be (1) … for the human race. Scientists estimate that eruption may have ejected up to 6,000 km3 of magma and pulverized rock and sufficient sultur gases to from 5,000 megatons of stratospheric sulfuric acid aerosols. The suspension of so much material in the earth’smosphere resulted in a volcanic winter that lasted all years long, every year for several years. The (2) … in global temperatures had catastrophic effects on vegetation and the food chain dependent upon it for survival – including humans.

Scientists have examined the genetic codes of seemingly disparate and distant races of people and found there’s actually very little genetic variability in the entire human race. The evidence indicates that something happened to the human gene pool approximately 74,000 years ago where only very few humans remained alive on the planet (say 5,000 to 10,000), and the current population has grown from these selectively few genotypes. (3) … is a testament
To our tenacious ability to surve.

1. The option that best completes (1) is …

a. Disaster.
b. Apocalyptic.
c. Magnificent.
d. Enormous.
e. Huge.

2. The option that best completes (2) is …

a. Ups and downs.
b. Crucial state.
c. Actute syndrome.
d. Severe drop.
e. High-ranking.

3. The option that best completes (3) is ….

a. Our existence in such great numbers today (over 6 billion strong)
b. It indicates that the remained survivor.
c. The genetic variability in the entire human race.
d. The distant race of people.
e. What happened to the human race approximately 74,000 years ago.

Questions 4 to 7 refer to the following passage.

Passage 2

Every January, many people start working out, hoping to lose weight. But as studies attest, exercise often produces little or no weight loss-and even weight gain-and resolution are soon abandoned. But new science suggest that if you stick with the right kind of exercise, you may change how your body interacts with food. It is more than a matter of burning calories; exercise also affects hormones.

A study in 2012 from university of Wyoming looked at a group of women who either ran or walked and, on alternate days, sat quietly for an hour. After the running, walking or sitting, researchers drew blood to thest for the levels of certain hormones and then directed the women to a room with a buffet. Human appetite is complicated, driven by signals from the brain, gut, fat cells, glands, ganes and psyche. But certain appetite-related hormones, in particular ghrelin, which stimulates hunger, are known to be a instrumental in determining how much we consume.

The study has shown that exercise typically increases the production of ghrelin. Workouts make you hungry. In the Wyoming study, when the women ran, their ghrelin levels spiked, which should have meant they would attact the buffet with gusto. But they did not. In fact, after running. These women consumed sveral hundred fewer calories than they burned.

4. The outhor present an effect of having specific exercise followed by ….

a. Exemplifying reasons for the increase of ghrelin.
b. Discussing the relation between appetite and axercise.
c. Arguing for the importance of having sufficient exercise.
d. Explaining why ghrelin increase does not affect appetite.
e. Demonstrating why hunger comes after exercise.

5. Based on the information in paragraph 2. The outhor implies that ….

a. Women’s level of appetite is related to their daily physical activity.
b. Women are sensitive in response to treatments during an exeperiment.
c. A particular hormone is responsible of the sum of food consumption.
d. Human’s appetite is a host of either physical or physychological factors.
e. Innovative research methods are imployed in a study of eating habits.

6. Which of the following best restates the sentence ‘…, these women consumed several hundred fewer calories than they burned.’ (paragraph 3 lines 3-4)?

a. Burning calories for the women was more important than having calories.
b. The women’s calory intake was less than that of their calory burning.
c. Instaed of burning fewer calories, the women consumed more cslories.
d. Rather than having more calories, the women got rid of fewer calories.
e. When consuming fewer calories, women needed to burn more.

7. The paragraph following the passage will likely ….

a. Show the worth of types of exercise.
b. Deal with merits of weight loss
c. Explain the work of ghrelin.
d. Discuss hormones pertinent to appetite.
e. Describle the implication of the research findings.

Numbers 8 to 11 refer to the following passage.

Passage 3

For the pacific Bluefin tuna, sitting at the popular kids’ table surely is not paying off. The stock of the fish is at historically low levels and is being dangerously overfished, a new report shows. Fishery scientist estimate that the Pacific Bluefin population has declined from its unfished level by more than 96 percents. The report warns that stock levels likely will not improve by extending the current fishing levels. All the world’s scrombrids – a family that includes tunas and mackerels – are on the endangered list.

One problem is that the majority of bluefins that sishermen are snagging are under a years old, further hindering the species’ chance to procreate. But the extreme lack of supplyis not deterring many buyers. If anything, low supplies of the fish have caused it to become a premium commodity, worth buying at extreme prices. A pacific Bluefin was sold for dollars 1.78 million at an auction in Tokyo.

The director of the Pew Environment Groub has said that “the most responsible course of action is to immediately suspend the fishery until significant steps are taken to reseve this decline.” She called on the main countries responsible for pacific Bluefin fishing – Japan, Mexico, South Korea and the U.S. – to take conservational action. So far, there has been on minor step forward; In June 2012, the Inter-American Tropical Tuna Commision set a quota for the tuna catch in the eastern Pacific for the first time ever. Some of the other actions were preventing fishing in Bluefin spawning grounds in the northem pacific and creating size limits to reduce the number of juvenile Bluefin caught.

8. The points provided in paragraph 1 of the passage explain that ….

a. Fish such as tunas and mackerels been badly endangered.
b. Catching tunas ang their species has been interesting activities.
c. Scientists think of the need to increase the population of tunas
d. Stock levels of bluefins in fishery have shown a radical decrease.
e. Tunas and tuna-like species are mostly found in the North Pasific.

9. Paragraph 2 is linked to paragraph 3 in that the former ….

a. Presents the policy of preventing bluefins from becoming rare; the later discusses the laws for Bluefin convervation.
b. Gives a warning to irresponsible fisherman; the latter outlines rules for a limited number of bluefins hunting.
c. Discusses a problem and effect of catching too young blefins; the latter suggest conversation.
d. Talks about efforts to increase the population of blefinds; the latter proposes the need for free-zone fishing.
e. Mentions the possible regulations for hunting blefinds; the latter presents an issuance of a blefin tuna fishing ban.

10. With refrence to the passage, an environmentalist will most likely ….

a. Agree that the Pacific bluefins should be conserved.
b. Suggest that the Pacific bluefins be the most expensive food.
c. Ban the catching of all bluefins completely all over the world.
d. Advise the fisherman bot to do the fishing activities in the eastern Pasific.
e. Suggest bluefins as sacred fish to the Inter-American Tropical Tuna Commissions.

11. What does the author assume regarding the Pacific bluefins tuna?

a. The family of Bluefin tunas could be extinct because of illegal fishing.
b. The fish will be well-sold over the world if successfully promoted.
c. A greater number of fisherman have caught the fish in the pacific.
d. The fishery of the Bluefin has been suspended from year to year.
e. The Bluefin tunas show a gradual annual decrease in number.

Questions 12 to 15 refer to the following passage.

Passage 4

The first sample of material ever taken from the inside of a rock on another planet has been obtained by NASA’s Mars rover Curiosity. NASA just relased new image showing the drilled material. The sample material will give researchers a look into what Mars was like during the rock material’s formations.

Curiosity’s drill, located on one of its many robotic arms, obtained the sample powder as it made a 2.5-inch hole in the flat Martian bedrock on February 8th. The sample will now be put throught a sieve, and portions of it will be analyzed by the scientific instruments inside of the rover.

The area where the sample was obtained is a ”fine-granied”, veiny sedimentary rock called ‘John Klein,’ named in memory of a Mars Science Laboratory deputy project manager who died in 2011. The rock was selected for the first sample drilling because it may hold evidence of wet environmental conditions long ago. The rover’s laboratory analysis of the powder may provide information about those conditions.

Passage 5

A possible alien planet discovered by NASA’s Kepler space telescope is the most Earth-like world yet detected beyond our solar system, scientists say. With a radius that is just 1.5 times that of Earth, the potential planet is a so-called “super Earth” meaning it is just slightly langer than the Earth. The candidate planet orbits a star similar to the sun at a distance that falls within the “habitable zone” – the region where liquid water could exist on the planet’s surface. Scientists say the planet, if confirmed, could be a prime candidate to host alien life.

The object takes 242 days to orbit its stars (compared to Earth’s 365 days) and is about three-querters of the Earth-sun distance from its parents. The Earth orbits 93 million miles (150 million kilometers) from the sun on average, a distance known as one astronomical unit.

12. passage 4 differs from passage 5 in stating that ….

a. The alien does not exist.
b. The planet is more habitable.
c. The planet is closer to the star
d. The rock formation is more complited
e. The research can use the real sample from the planet.

13. Which of the following statement is true about both planets according to both passages?

a. They have water.
b. The orbit the star.
c. They are home of the aliens.
d. They supported life in the past.
e. They have a similar distance distance to the stars.

14. Based on the both passages, it can be hypothesized that ….

a. Human will travel around the universe soon.
b. Human needs spacecraft reaching the speed of light.
c. The closer planet to the sun, the higher chance to live on.
d. The more water exists in a planet, the higher possibility of life is.
e. Humans will create advanced technology to survive on other planets.

15. The topic discussed in both passages is ….

a. The future place to live.
b. The identification of rock formation.
c. The attempt to prove the existence of aliens.
d. The comparison of the planets with the earth.
e. The search for the possibility of life in other planets.

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