Examples Of If Clause

Good evening.. Now, I want to share the examples for If clause. I'm newbie hehe :D So if I have many mistakes i'm sorry :'')

Let's study right now !

If clause + Suggestion

- If you want to make a picnic why don't you go to the travel agency to arrange is? 


- If you want to make a picnic you should go to the travel agency to arrange this.

If clause + General Truth is

- If you don't water your flower, they will die
( in General truth we use the fact about something )

If clause + Imperative

- If you always make a date with your girl friend, get merried soon!
( imperative is " perintah " )

If clause + Show a dream

- If I'am a rich man, I will help the poor
( show your dream or your friends and etc )

If clause + reminder

- If you want fly Jakarta by plane, you have to reserved your ticket
( reminder = pengingat )

Do you have other examples for I write on this post? You can send to me on stefanikristina@gmail,com or leave a comment on this post.

Thank you for your reading this post and your attention ^^

God Bless You all..

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