Observing, Questioning, Associating Kelas 8

Observing and Questioning 

1. According to Mrs. Harum: 

a. Siti can help her with the housework.
b. She can get up early herself.
c. She can sweep the house before school.

2. According to Rani:

a. Yuli and Tono can make fried rice. 
b. They can fry the egg nicely. 
c. They serve fried rice beautifully with tomatoes and celery.

3. According to Mr. Adnan:

a. Many students can speak English loudly and easily

4. According to Denata:

a. Fatima can sing very loudly

5. According to Mrs. Fauzia:

a. Birds can fly. 
b. We cannot fly. 
c. We can make planes. 
d. We can fly very high to far places with a plane

6. According to Mr. Rendy:

a. We cannot swim across the sea. 
b. We can go to other islands.

7. According to Mrs. Gracia:

a. We can work together. 
b. We can understand the text easily.

8. According to Widi:

a. Anton can go up the stairs himself.
 b. He can go down the stairs easily, too.

Associating Page 35

1. According to Adnan:

a. His dad will come to his school to collect his report.

2. According to Lathan:

a. Lusi will not do the cleaning.
b. She will not even clean her own room.

3. According to Gunawan:

a. His uncle will paint his house when he has time.

4. According to Diah:

a. Her brother will walk two kilometers to his ofce every day.

5. According to Puspita:

a. She will come to my house to help me.

6. According to Dewi:

a. She will get up early
b. She will go to swim at six.

7. According to Mrs. Wike:

a. Students will go to school on foot or on a bicycle.

8. According to Mrs. Wulandari:

a. The little boy will not stop crying before his mother buys him toys he wants.

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